About Us



We are a small family owned business that got involved in kayaking a couple of years ago. At that stage we lived in the North Lakes region and as we started searching for kayaking places in Brisbane we found ourselves constantly being drawn to the Redcliffe Peninsula. We also used the Peninsula for walking our dogs and a number of social events as well, so obviously we must have liked the area.

We kayaked a number of spots within a reasonable distance from where we were at the time, and soon realized that it was a great way to experience Brisbane as a whole. It was great to see the sights along the river banks and lake areas while kayaking Brisbane attractions.

In the end we decided to move to the Peninsula from North Lakes for a number of reasons really. Mostly because some of us were brought up close to the water and I guess we were returning to a familiar environment.

Not long after being here we searched for kayak rentals in Brisbane for some friends of ours and realized that there really weren’t any close by. This came as a bit of a surprise because the Peninsula is the ideal place for a Brisbane hire service. There are so many places within a very short distance to launch your kayak and have a great day out.

So, this is how we came about…

We all lead extremely busy lives and it’s important to take a break from work and have some fun with friends or family from time to time, and we also realize that not everyone can afford a kayak (or two or three) for the family. So, to rent or hire one or two for some family time together works out extremely economical.

We’d like you to experience a bit of fun as well, and hope to help you with your Brisbane kayaking adventure!