Beach Delivery

Kayak Hire on the Redcliffe Peninsula

Water Surrounds Us – All Close By

There are many Beautiful locations around Redcliffe to go kayaking and we realize that not everyone will be able to carry a kayak or two on their vehicles, so don’t let that stop you from having fun!

As an additional service we can drop them off to you and then pick them up afterward (providing we have someone available). Please note that this service is available to all locations on the Redcliffe Peninsula except Scarborough Beach. As you can appreciate, it would be nice to have advance notice if you require this service. That way we can plan ahead a little bit.

Each drop off or pick-up will be $15.00. Therefore, if you wanted a drop off and a pickup, then that would be an extra $30.00.┬áThis drop-off and pick-up covers any number of kayaks, so if you wanted 2 singles delivered and picked up it’s still only $30.00.

We’ve had so many requests from people wanting delivery to, Deep Water Bend, Boondall Wetlands and Dohles Rocks, that we’ve decided to add them as well. However because of the extra time involved, each drop off and pick up is $25.00

Thank you.