What is the best weather for kayaking?

Some people are put off kayaking by cloudy days, but that can be the best time to head out. When the weather is overcast you don’t get baked by the sun in the middle of the day so you tire less quickly and can have more fun kayaking out on the water.

Kayaking in light rain is also quite refreshing and you’re going to get wet anyway, so don’t let a few showers put you off.

The biggest impact on your decision to kayak or not to kayak should be the wind. Depending on the wind direction parts or all of Moreton Bay can get quite choppy and not ideal for beginners to kayaking. On those days it is best to consider the Newport Canal or Boondall Wetlands. Sometimes the wind comes in from the North and affects the Northern end of the Peninsula while it stays flat down at Bells Beach and Hays Inlet. We can deliver to those spots, so try kayaking down near the bridge. Delivery is extra.

Bright sunny days are obviously the most popular time to hire a kayak, so make sure you book ahead. Mornings tend to be best with afternoon breezes common for the Peninsula.