What do I get in the kayak hire?

You get a kayak, a paddle, a deluxe seat and a PFD (Personal Floatation Device). If you’re really lucky we may be able to supply some zip lock plastic bags to put your valuables in.

Are the kayaks Stable?

Yes they are. Common sense prevails here, so as long as you keep your centre of gravity low, you should have no problems. If you try standing up or acting the goat then you are likely to tip out.


We can’t fit them on our vehicles – Can you drop them to the beach?

Yes we can do that for you. There will be a small charge for each drop off and collection. These can be seen on our ‘Rates’ tab.

Is there calm water close by?

Yes there is. If you’d rather not be in the bay, there are places to go that are well sheltered and without the ocean swells. Though most of autumn and winter are flat in the bay and the water is still quite warm.