Moreton bay is a tranquil expanse of shallow water stretching 125km from the Gold Coast all the way up to Caloundra on the east coast of Australia. It takes in many, many estuaries and encompasses the limit of Queensland’s waters. This stretch of water is unique in so much as it is where temperate and tropical species meet taking in coral, rocky shores, ocean, sea grass and sponge beds to name a few.

Dugong grazing on sea grass

Dugong grazing on sea grass

All of these habitats are literally teeming with more than 1,000 fish species, six out seven of the world’s turtle species thrive here and even some endangered marine species such as Dugong live here. But let’s not forget the playful pods of dolphins, further out in the bay you will see humpback whales while closer in to shore you can see many species of sea birds whilst the list of marine and birdlife goes on and on.

There are many types of kayaks available for your kayaking pleasure.

The surrounding waters, although expansive are protected in pockets. So if you are an experienced kayaker or only just learning to kayak, these idyllic surroundings, are picture perfect and serene most days.

Did you know you go can go fishing in kayaks, bird watching, marine watching or simply enjoy gliding through the water while taking in the water wonderland around you. But no matter where you are whether it is in Moreton Bay Marine Park or other Queensland Marine Parks you need to be respectful of others and of course the marine park environment.

Motorised water craft can damage the environment. Not only do they travel at great speeds but they can strike some marine life already on the endangered species list, but kayaking has the least impact on the marine park of all watercraft.

Here are two do’s and don’ts when kayaking in the marine park:

  • Do go slow…

Believe it or not there are some go slow areas within the park and kayaks are just the perfect vessel. You can paddle slowly and glide gently through the water while the breeze whispers by. As kayaks only go as fast as what you can paddle there is almost zero risk of striking these precious marine creatures.

You will experience the warm sun on your face while you witness the turtle’s flippers that almost seem to be waving at you through the surface of the water, while just below these amazing creatures are gliding gracefully along. About now you realize it’s great to be alive because you wouldn’t want to miss this thrill for all the world

  • Do go kayaking throughout the marine park where it is safe for you to do so…

Kayaks preserve the integrity of the park as they have low impact on the park environment. So the natural integrity of the park is totally preserved. With each paddle stroke you can enjoy the journey. You are free to glide through the water and focus on the brilliant marine scenes playing out before you.

Pelicans and seagulls huddle together over shoals of fish skipping at the surface in the water. Each species dive to scoop up the fish they all covet and you can even hear the squawking as you glide closer to check out what’s going on

  • Don’t anchor in certain areas in the park

Anchoring is prohibited in certain areas of the marine park. The beauty of kayaks is, when you do want to anchor, they do not use conventional anchors that can damage reefs or the sea floor. With a kayak you can drop a line and go fishing almost anywhere. But that is another article for another day.

So as you paddle your kayak to your chosen fishing spot and it gently rocks in the water, just imagine the fish you are about to catch, sizzling away in the pan. You can literally smell the fish frying and your mouth will start to water.

And what a great feeling it is when the fish starts tugging on your fishing line. You reel it in carefully and methodically and you are so excited when you finally pull it into your kayak.

What a way to enjoy a few hours get away on the bay, enjoy dropping a line in or just cruising the sandy shoals looking for that glimpse of marine or bird life. You deserve it, to relax, unwind and rejuvenate.

Why not go kayaking on Moreton bay on a regular basis?

Think of the sunshine on your face, smell that fresh sea air, feel your ABS firming up from the exercise you’ll get. Whether it is by yourself with no one around but the water and marine life. Or with a bunch of friends.

Life’s to be enjoyed and enjoyment is to be found kayaking in Moreton Bay Marine Park.

For more information on what you can and can’t do in Moreton Bay Marine Park download this handy guide from National Parks