Terms & Conditions for Redeeming Coupons and Offers

These Terms & Conditions apply to all of our coupons and Flyers, Unless specifically exempted by us in writing

We make promotional offers from time to time in good faith. We require all those participating in those offers to abide by our “Fair Use Policy”. (See Fair Use Policy below)

All offers and coupons are not redeemable on Weekends or public holidays unless specified in writing within the offer or coupon.

Offers or discounts are NOT available in conjunction with any other offer or coupon promotion we may have running.

One flyer or coupon to be presented and or redeemed per visit. Where there are more than one offer on a coupon or flyer only one offer can be redeemed per visit.

All offers or coupons are to be redeemed by way of pre-booking by phone or email.

All offer and coupon redemptions are subject to availability of kayaks at the time of booking.

All offers or coupons need to be redeemed by the expiry date.

Beach delivery charges still apply to all redemptions & hires where applicable.

In the event your booked redemption cannot be redeemed by the expiry date due to bad weather. We will consider extending your redemption date at our sole discretion.

Fair Use Policy: We believe in a fair go for all participants including our business “Kayak Hire Brisbane”. Any attempt at manipulating any of our offers or coupons to gain an unfair advantage over “Kayak Hire Brisbane” or other participants in any offer or coupon redemption, may result in a refusal of redemption at our sole discretion.

We can be contacted on 0435931533