We don’t mean literally turning turtle.

How cute is this? It is mating season in Moreton Bay Marine Park for the leatherback sea turtle.

How cute is this? It is mating season in Moreton Bay Marine Park for the leatherback sea turtle.

However did you know from November right through to February is breeding time for some of our turtles here in Moreton Bay National Park?

You will find leatherback turtles in Moreton Bay.

Turtles, like most creatures, have evolved since the beginning of time. They have adapted to survive both on land and in water over many millions of years. Marine turtles go right back to ancient terrestrial reptiles. They adapted to marine life by developing paddle like limbs so they could glide through oceans.

But their adaptation, allows females of the species to slowly move across land to lay their eggs on foreshores in Australia and around the world.

The hatchlings are fascinating to watch if you ever get an opportunity. They come out in low light and head off to sea where they will swim at 90 degrees to the breaking waves until they are further out to sea.

Leatherback turtles emergence once the sand has cooled at night

Leatherback turtles emergence once the sand has cooled at night

There they’ll remain in oceanic currents and gyres until they are large enough to move on. The tragic part of this story is only 1 in 1,000 hatchling survives this perilous period and grow to return to the same beach as an adult to nest.

Scientists estimate there are only 115,000 female leatherback turtles left in the worlds seas. So the leatherback turtle is a critically endangered species.

And this is due to many reasons like:

  • Marine debris
  • Boat strike in popular waters like Moreton Bay Marine Park
  • Habitat loss
  • Egg predators
  • Noise
  • Oil pollution and:
  • The continuation of turtle harvest in Australia…

And this is resulting in the significant and steady decline of the turtle population. But this is happening not only here in Australian waters, but in waters and on shores, all around the world. But the good news is you can see them right here in Queensland.

Moreton Bay Marine Park is home to the leatherback turtle.

In fact, they lay their eggs on the shores of islands in Moreton Bay. And a lot of our clients have reported sightings of these graceful, peaceful creatures while kayaking in Moreton Bay Marine Park. The leatherback turtle mostly uses the Marine Park as a feeding ground. And what better way to see these creatures than in a kayak.

As we mentioned in the www.kayakhirebrisbane.com.au/kayakinginmoretonbaymarinepark article kayaks are low impact. This is not only low impact on your body but on the marine park environment as well.

We believe life is to be enjoyed. And we also believe none of us should take anything for granted. So as you glide through the water you can not only revel in the hope of seeing these magnificent creatures during your time on Moreton Bay Marine Park. You can carefully watch them at a distance without harming these special creatures.

Isn’t it time you thought about yourself?

When you are out on the water, you can literally feel the tension falling from your shoulders and you can forget the troubles of modern life. You can immerse yourself in the joy of nature for a while.

And being out in the fresh air and on the water rejuvenates your body naturally and effectively. This gentle exercise kayaking offers stimulates efficient body functioning to increase energy. But not only that, once you’ve really enjoyed yourself on the water, you’ll go back home relaxed and able to rest better at night.

You’ll remember watching the innocence of nature. Of a great experience you’ll want to repeat again and again and again.

There is so much stress and tension in modern society. So stress relief is not only important for you, if you get it right, it will impact your family and how you perform from day to day.

So why not give kayaking a go?

Enjoy yourself and the surrounds of the Redcliffe Peninsula. Relax and rejuvenate. You’ll surprise yourself just how much you’ll enjoy kayaking and how much of life you’ll discover.

So pick up the phone and talk to us. If you have a smart phone simply tap on the phturning turtleone icon in the header of the home page. Email us by going to the contact us page. We have singles and doubles available for your individual or group hire available when planning your exciting turtle adventure.

Did you know?

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