What is the best time of year for kayaking?

In South East Queensland we are blessed with warm weather and warm water ideal for kayaking most of the year round. The sun can be a bit too hot for kayaking in the middle of a summer day, so early morning and later in the afternoon are better times during the summer.

Spring can be affected by strong winds which make Moreton Bay a bit choppy for kayaking, but that can also be a great time to kayak in our nearby rivers and wetlands. You can also kayak in the Newport canals or Deception Bay if you are looking for sheltered waters.  If your looking for something a bit more open then the northern end of Bramble Bay between Clontarf and Woody Point is ideal.

Autumn is an excellent time for kayaking. The weather is mild, the wind is usally no more than a light breeze and it is an absolute pleasure to be out floating in a kayak on the ocean away from the bustle of the city.

Winter is also an excellent time for kayaking, just like the Autumn only a little cooler. Sunny winter days are the best, but if you want to head out on a cloudy day you might want to have a half wetsuit to stay warm. You won’t need cold weather wetsuits kayaking on Moreton Bay unless you are particularly suseptible to the cold.